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K.U.F. "Keep Up the Fire" (Motto of the "Manchu", 9th Infantry Regiment.) AKA-Cross Draw Holster: $75

Our cross draw is very simple: pancake design to be as slim as possible. After working with a customer in WA state, who is a firearm aficionado and former Army Senior NCO, we came up with this idea. The pancake allows it to wrap and hold to the body better than the clam shell style, especially with larger pistols and revolvers. During testing, the holster performed great while seated behind a desk and while driving. (Note: be sure to adjust your clothing and seat belt while driving to allow maximum access.) We tested small to large frame pistols and revolvers to ensure this holster could be used with a snubbie all the way to the Taurus 3" Judge shown on our site. Each cross draw will be custom made to the wearer with such detail to allow for proper placement between the wearers belt loops, body type and arm length, to mention a few. We believe this is one of the most comfortable and effective cross draws we could possibly offer. Thanks to W.B. for all of your help and support in this project.


Front View

Back View