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Hoplite IWB: $95

The "Hoplite" (meaning: Spartan Soldier) is a common "Watch Six" style IWB, using a snap loop system. The holster is designed to be worn from the three o'clock to the kidney area, depending on cant.
I have personally worn this style hoster upwards of 16 hours. Others have found it very comfortable while riding motorcycles, EDC, UC, contracting, federal agencies, body guards, and a few "OGA" individuals while deployed to not so friendly places.
I have received great feedback from this holster for carrying anyting from a Glock 26 to a HK M23. Reholstering with a sewn muzzle has an increased ability to make one handed reholstering much easier than just with a piece of leather sewn around the mouth.

Samples of work:

Hoplite with custom Skull artwork.