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Hávamál - SLIM Kidney IWB holster $90

(The Words of Odin the High One, "Don't leave your weapons lying about behind your back in a field; you never know when you may need all of sudden your spear.")
I designed this holster out of personal need for a slimmer holster for kidney carry. Something thin but easy for one handed reholstering without additional bulk. Clam shell designs like the Summer Special are effective in that manner. It then struck me to try this: With only a thin portion around the mouth, which wraps around to the shirt guard and front wing, I was able to achieve what I was after. I sent out quite a few prototypes and received great feedback...

Salty Dad Special (SD special) $95

A collaboration with Salty Dad. The holster can be ordered to the customers specifications on cant. The most extreme I have built was a "neutral" cant of 35 degrees, with an adjustment to almost 40 degrees. I prefer building this holster with a sewn muzzle to avoid extra reinforcement at the mouth. However, I can do both or I can leave the muzzle open. It is entirely up to the customer. The only additional cost the customer will incur will be $10 for reinforement at the mouth, if desired. I like to keep this holster as slim as possible for better concealment; but, I do realize not everyone alike.

Hoplite $95

The "Hoplite" (meaning: Spartan Soldier) is a common "Watch Six" style IWB, using a snap loop system. The holster is designed to be worn from the three o'clock to the kidney area, depending on cant. I have personally worn this style hoster upwards of 16 hours. Others have found it very comfortable while riding motorcycles, EDC, UC, contracting, federal agencies, body guards, and a few "OGA" individuals while deployed to not so friendly places. I have received great feedback from this holster for carrying anyting from a Glock 26 to a HK M23. Reholstering with a sewn muzzle has an increased ability to make one handed reholstering much easier than just with a piece of leather sewn around the mouth.

Aegis Calypto $60

The Aegis Calypto (Greek for Hidden Shield) is a tuckable, appendix holster. The clip is directly under the trigger guard to allow for a very slim profile. The holster is designed to be worn in the appendix area, however, I wear mine strong side to kidney carry. I can modify the holster with a stabalization fin for primary carry strong side or kidney.