Little Bear Custom Holsters - MB Chest Rig
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MB Chest Rig: $175

The chest holster is a co-op design between myself and a long time Army buddy who wanted a rig to take into the mountains of Washington to hunt. This system allows ease of access to a pistol and helps in the balance with wearing a pack.
It is to be worn tight against the chest for an easier draw. However, the user may have to Purt their non firing hand on top of the holster or hold the strap to make drawing easier. I do not recommend putting the non firing hand anywhere in front of the muzzle to assist in the draw.

Please remember: the longer the pistol, the longer the pull of the draw. This is not a "fast draw" system, by any means.

The user can adjust the cant, to a point, to increase comfort and ease of draw. The holster comes standard with a thong retention loop. A thumb break can be ordered in place of the thong. Bullet loops or mag carriers can be added to most holsters. Price is: $50. Colors offered: honey tan, saddle tan and black.


Chest Rig for Ruger Blackhawk

$250 as shown