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'Ippos Belt Slide $70

The 'Ippos (Greek for horse) is a pancake, belt slide holster. The 'Ippos extened front wing helps balance the holster for an easier all day carry. I pre-shape the holster for easier break in for the customer.

SW Special $100

The SW Special is named for it's co-designer, Scott W. It is a basic snap on holster, however with Scott's help (ALOT of it) made the holster as leather free as possible...

K.U.F. "Keep Up the Fire" (Motto of the "Manchu", 9th Infantry Regiment.) AKA-Cross Draw Holster: $75

Our cross draw is very simple: pancake design to be as slim as possible. After working with a customer in WA state, who is a firearm aficionado and former Army Senior NCO, we came up with this idea...

OWB Kidney Carry: Orvar (Arrow) $70

The Orvar was a holster that was initially for one customer who wanted a high ride, kidney carry, OWB for a STI frame 1911. After a few prototypes, I finally had what he wanted...