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Randgrid (Shield Destroyer)-$90

This is not a new idea on an IWB/appendix holster with magazine carrier. Instead it is our take on the idea but slimming it as much as possible in horsehide leather. The slimmer width allows for easier mounting to the belt and more options for placement at the appendix area. The clamshell design allows the mouth of the holster to stay open without bulky reinforcement (note: a very extreme depth will make it more difficult to reholster). It also allows us to put the extra mag right where YOU need it.
This isn't a cookie cutter rig. Like all of the others, these are built to the individual. You want it a bit more canted out? No problem. You want the mag lower but without a shirt guard? No problem. You get to basically custom design your own appendix holster.
The holster comes standard with 2 clips of choice. One mounted by the trigger and the other in between the slide and mag carrier. I do suggest the G Code clip due to slim design and great length options.
I was NEVER a fan of any holster with built in mag carrier. I never enjoyed how they felt or the weight. With this, I forget my G42 rig is even on. And my Dan Wesson ECO rig is a dream.

Options offered:

Optional is the Claw from Raven which will help push the grip back towards the body. ($12 more)
Mega Mojo from G Code to help move the clip inward and allow a slight cant adjustment. ($19 more for the brushed aluminum)
For smaller framed firearms, two clips may not be necessary, Please contact me to discuss this.

Styles offered:

Single Clip

Double clip with a Glock 23.

Commander 1911 with double clip.

Worn in sitting position