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Introducing the Hávamál (The Words of Odin the High One): SLIM Kidney IWB holster $90 MSRP on sale for $80 until 25 Oct 2017 ("Don't leave your weapons lying about behind your back in a field; you never know when you may need all of sudden your spear.")

I designed this holster out of personal need for a slimmer holster for kidney carry. Something thin but easy for one handed reholstering without additional bulk. Clam shell designs like the Summer Special are effective in that manner. It then struck me to try this: With only a thin portion around the mouth, which wraps around to the shirt guard and front wing, I was able to achieve what I was after. I sent out quite a few prototypes and received great feedback. With that, I would like to introduce the Havamal. A very comfortable holster, for even large semi-autos. It is designed to be worn 330 or further back for maximum concealment. It helps push the butt of the gun into the body and the fin helps keep it very stable, even after hours of carry. It has been tested for smaller frame Glocks, all size 1911's, Sig 226 and a FNX Tactical with red dot.
Minimum cant needed is 15 degrees. Reinforced mouth included in price.
Each Havamal will be custom made to each customers order for maximum comfort.