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Sporran Holster: $50 plus cost of Sporran

The Sporran Rig, like many, have been a long time coming. I thought of this back in 2008 when I began wearing kilts. I am not a big fan of the kilts with the built in holsters. I figured why not figure out a way to put a pistol in a kilt. I basically insert a leather platform, with a holster sewn on, and hard mount it to a sporran. Please know: doing this makes the Sporran rig a two handed draw. The non-shooting hand needs to hold/provide resistance to the bottom of the sporran, firing hand opens the sporran and then draws. This is not a fast draw rig by any means. It is simple, effective and easy to use. I can add this to the customer's sporran or I can order one from many different manufacturers. The price for a basic sporran is $40, plus shipping, all the way to $200. Please feel free to contact me with questions as not all pistols will work with certain sporrans.


My Sporran

Sig P938


Ruger LCR

Made for one of NYPD's Finest