Sd special


The "SD Special" started off as the "Aspis" holster for me. I wanted a EDC for larger pistols, namely full size 1911's, to be carried on the kidney. Then, I was contacted by "Salty Dad" (check out his FB page ) who wanted an even more extreme cant, kidney carry holster. I sketched up some ideas and used a lot of eraser to finish the design to where he felt it would be a winner. Luckily, for me, it was. 

With his help, I was able to come up with a design with a nice stabalization fin, good ergonomics, an adjustable cant (to a point, of course) and it allows the grip to be sucked up into the wearers body, allowing it to be worn under a t-shirt.

The holster can be ordered to the customers specifications on cant. The most extreme I have built was a "neutral" cant of 35 degrees, with an adjustment to almost 40 degrees. 

I prefer building this holster with a sewn muzzle to avoid extra reinforcement at the mouth. However, I can do both or I can leave the muzzle open. It is entirely up to the customer. The only additional cost the customer will incur will be $10 for reinforement at the mouth, if desired. I like to keep this holster as slim as possible for better concealment; but, I do realize not everyone alike. 


Shipping is done as fast as possible, Note my current lead time and once your product is done, it will get sent out by priority mail.

If the holster you receive has manufacturing defects, is inoperable in some way, or is not the holster you ordered, you have 7 days upon receipt to contact us about it. Fully custom holsters, whether special order exotics, changes to the original design, or custom artwork, etc. will not be refunded. This will include belts improperly measured by the customer. If you are unsure if you order falls under the above statement, please feel free to contact us.