• Orvar


The Orvar was a holster that was initially for one customer who wanted a high ride, kidney carry, OWB for a STI frame 1911. After a few prototypes, I finally had what he wanted, and it was pretty spot on. With some adjustments and some more folks to try it, I think have what folks will want in this type of holster. The holster hides well under a t-shirt, bowling shirt, fleece vest, etc. Proper weight distribution and ease of draw makes this one of my favorite holsters to wear every day from my Glock 19 to my STI Nitro 10mm. Available in cow and horse hide.
I would like to thank Trevor for the T&E. He is a LEO and owner at Steel Creek Gunworks LLC.
Shipping is done as fast as possible, Note my current lead time and once your product is done, it will get sent out by priority mail.

If the holster you receive has manufacturing defects, is inoperable in some way, or is not the holster you ordered, you have 7 days upon receipt to contact us about it. Fully custom holsters, whether special order exotics, changes to the original design, or custom artwork, etc. will not be refunded. This will include belts improperly measured by the customer. If you are unsure if you order falls under the above statement, please feel free to contact us.