Little Bear is a veteran owned company with 11 years of custom holster making experience. From the premium A grade vegetable tanned leather to the premium oil dyes and finishes, each holster is made by hand, with pride, for the customer.

No two holsters are alike. We do not use a "cookie cutter". We take the time to talk to the customer and design/modify the holster to fit their needs for long hours of every day carry. We are not here to just take your money and you end up with another holster in a drawer. We want to provide you with a premium service grade holster at an affordable price, you want to carry/use every day.

We come from a time where your word is your bond and your name proceeds your reputation. We take this business very seriously and offer a satisfaction guarantee for one simple reason: you need to trust your gear. You need to know it works if needed because lives can literally be on the line. Train hard, train as you fight and stay safe.

At Little Bear, we offer a high-quality service grade holster, at an affordable price. We use only Hermann Oak or French vege tanned leather, premium dyes/finishes, threads, etc. Our exotic hides come from the two best exotic wholesalers in the USA. 

Each customer gets 100% of our attention, during the ordering and receiving process. It is important to us the customer gets the holster they wanted for daily EDC, duty/off duty, hiking, etc. We do not want to be the typical leather company where your hard-earned money spent, ends up in a drawer or box. If the customer is not satisfied or the holster is not what they expected, we will refund the money or exchange it for a different holster, or even remake the holster and make adjustments. (The original holster must be returned in like new condition. We do not refund the money to ship the holster back.)

This company was started to make folks TRUE custom holsters, with high quality products and completely hand made. We do not use edge dressing because it is an insult to do so, when there is so much hand work put into each holster. 

There is no gimmick or "catch" with us. This is a veteran owned business with great pride in the work put in every day and even more so: this great country of ours. Those words are not hollow. We love this country to our last breath. Dave spent just over 10 years active duty and wishes he stayed in, each and every day.

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