We offer a unique approach to art and custom work to holsters. We do not do traditional carving, in house. We offer things like leather burning/stippling, leather work like the shark skin Punisher skull below, etc. Pricing is based on a case by case basis. It will include: price of leather/materials, time, complexity and resizing of the work to be done. This can cost from $20 to as much as $200. Please contact us for prices on your idea for a custom holster.
For carving and engraving, we work with Henry Hasse Leatherworks, who can be commissioned to carve or engrave reinforcement pieces, to be sewn onto our holsters. Pricing for Henry’s work is based upon: size, color, overall design, complexity of the work. We add on a very small percentage to the price of his work. This will cover our work alone: resizing artwork, time spent working with Henry on the design and lastly, sewing the work on. Henry’s prices are extremely fair. I highly recommend his work, which you can see below. If you want to see more of his work, please go to:
Henry Hasse leatherwork


Please take a look at previous work below.

 Some work done in house.



 Some of Henry's work.