Our leather gear is should last you many years, if properly used and taken care of. I have customers who still use their holsters I made for them in 2006. This was well before my quality control and knowledge is, what it is, today.
If, over a period of time, there is an issue that falls under the manufacturing process, we will remake the holster for up to 2 years. Before returning the holster, please contact us an
d provide a picture and explanation of what occurred. If it is not deemed a manufacturing issue, we will not remake the holster.


If the holster you receive has manufacturing defects, is inoperable in some way, or is not the holster you ordered, you have 7 days upon receipt to contact us about it. Fully custom holsters, whether special order exotics, changes to the original design, or custom artwork, etc. will not be refunded. This will include belts improperly measured by the customer. If you are unsure if you order falls under the above statement, please feel free to contact us.