Tanker Holster

This is our rendition of the single strap tanker holster. The strap is 
1" wide, with enough holes to adjust for it to go over a jacket. The 
snap loop, belt tie down has small adjustments as well. The holster, 
like our others, is molded to the exact firearm ordered. It will be a 
bit more snug than the typical, off the shelf rig.

All of the hardware will be black. Due to poor quality control, from 
some companies, I have moved away from the brass hardware.

If interested in exotics, I will only laminate the entire holster and 
belt snap loop, in the exotic. I will not put any exotics on the actual 
shoulder strap. Some of the exotics may not be long enough to 
accommodate such.

Measuring: Please measure from the butt of the firearm, up, around your 
shoulder, down your back, to the ejection port or just above the 
cylinder. We will use this as a center hole for the strap. Much like our 
belts, this will be the center hole of 5 to allow for adjustment.

Before ordering this rig for firearms 6" or longer, please ensure you 
will be able to draw it from the position desired. This will fall under 
our "custom order" and we will not refund the order because the draw is 
too long. We HIGHLY suggest you practice drawing from that position 
before ordering to ensure it will work for your torso/arm length.
Shipping is done as fast as possible, Note my current lead time and once your product is done, it will get sent out by priority mail.

If the holster you receive has manufacturing defects, is inoperable in some way, or is not the holster you ordered, you have 7 days upon receipt to contact us about it. Fully custom holsters, whether special order exotics, changes to the original design, or custom artwork, etc. will not be refunded. This will include belts improperly measured by the customer. If you are unsure if you order falls under the above statement, please feel free to contact us.